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AYS Pre-Painted zincalume steel Fence

AYS Pre-Painted zincalume steel Fence

Material used for fabrication of pre-painted AYS zincalume steel Fence and gates is pre-painted aluminum zinc alloy coated steel sheet under coating class AZ150 normally known as zincalume. Pre-painted zincalume steel sheet is a corrosion resistance steel with a number of paint layers and treatments in a carefully controlled environment in a continuous coil coating line and this steel sheet is better at corrosion resistance. Paint on zincalume steel sheet make it decorative and usually used to indoor and outdoor decoration. Service life of these pre-painted zincalume steel sheet can up to 10 years without fading. (AL Zn layer weight 60 grams/meter², 25µm painted in top and 10µm painted in back). AYS Fence and Gate limited provide fence and gate in these colors: Mat Black (RAL 9004) and Gray (RAL 7010)

Reasons to Choose AYS Fence and Gate as Your First Choice

Well, there is exist plenty of reasons behind installing an AYS Steel Fence and Gate

Secure your Primes

Well, security is the primary reason why people invest in pre-painted AYS zincalume fence. Our zincalume steel fence is light weight, strong and burr free (free from sharp edges) choice for your children and pets. AYS zincalume steel fence acts as additional layer of protection around your property like cats and racons are hard to walk on AYS Fence and Gate.

Added Privacy / Semi-Privacy as per your Choice

Our pre-painted weld free zincalume steel fence is right selection for privacy and semi- privacy needs for your residential or commercial property. You can choose best solution for you from verities for option in design and color.

Maintenance free Durable Fence

AYS zincalume steel fence can withstand adverse weather conditions with relative ease and would last long. Pre-painted AYS zincalume steel fence can be cleaned with a simple wash by using the hose pipe.

Fire Proof

As we know better wood fence plays a bad role in passing fire during neighbor hoods fire condition. But AYS fence and Gate are best fire proof fence solution for your loved once.

Cost Effective

Our fence is cost effective to traditional cedar and welded fence available in the market. Pre-painted AYS zincalume steel fence and gates are epoxy coated under coating class AZ150. End cost of AYS steel products beats all products available in the market. No long wait after measurement taken, our aluminum products are generally assembling and install as per your dreams comes into reality.

Eco Friendly and 100% Recyclable

Material used for AYS Fence and gates are ecofriendly in nature. After use 100% recycled to new shape.

All you need to do is give us dimensions and type of fence panel you need, and we will make it available for you right away. Call us (at 604 933 9050 Landline,  1 877 806 6881 Toll Free) or email us ( today for free estimate.

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